The brand name VEILROMA stems to honour the refreshing, aromatic, gratifying flavours to rejuvenate the moments of bliss over a cup of tea at any time of the day. A cup of tea in our country is not just a drink ,its an emotion. We are very passionate about our product and customers. So we love to connect and share the same bond with the tea lovers all around the world with our delectable selection of teas.


  • We source only from the top tea estates (single origin)in India who have a proven reputation for growing quality teas using organic and traditional methods. Also we choose the quality teas grown at a higher elevation garden. No brokers or middlemen.
  • We procure and pack only whole leaf teas. No dust or broken leaves.
  • We procure the best of quality herbs, spices, dry flowers from the farmers to give a consistent blend to a cup of tea.
  • Our teas are hand blended, in small batches just for you.
  • 100 percent natural ingredients ,no flavours added.
  • We ensure our products are always fresh, so we are using double lid tins or cannisters to protect our teas from heat, moisture etc.



I believe there is nothing else to do, but to EMBRACE where you find yourself. Isn’t that what drinking tea is all about?

Few years of my life I got a chance to stay away from this maddening crowd and the hustle and bustle of city life. The lofty mountains ,the tea gardens, the crisp air, the rivers the bird life all made me fall in love with the sprawling tea gardens. All of it was wonderful , but my spirit called me to get out into the wild so that nature could take me deeper into the known and unknown. My visit to the gardens made me fall in love with the magical camellia sinensis plant. When I am all alone, getting my cup of tea lets me do something for myself ,and that marks the moments before I meditate or write or curl up with a good read. It was a friendship of an avid book reader and the tea gardens. During those days a cup of tea over some freshly brewed leaf and honest conversations on a lazy Sunday evening with my loved ones brought me sheer happiness!!!

My passion for tea took me to a professional tea school  at Sri Lanka where I gained immense knowledge about the  artisinal aspects of tea also .Later on during my  frequent visit to the lush tea estates in India,  I had a chance  to work with the women tea pluckers and understand their life in the tea plantations.  Tasted 50 cups of tea per day  and profiled over hundreds varieties of teas .Many tea tasting sessions and interactions  followed after that. It is a  sheer personalised experience with a story and savoir faire around the product.

I wanted to share the passion for all natural goodness with you all , and so was VEILROMA TEAS™ born, out of  love .  It is a privilege of the freedom to create what pleases you and live a life of your own choosing.  

 With our wide range of loose leaf  exotic teas ,from our online store, we hope that a perfect blend of tea finds you and enchants you.  Get ready to be   pampered in an enviably relaxing vibe, with a aromatic cup of tea. May those amber coloured doors of your heart open to one of our  exotic teas , carefully selected to deliver an uncompromised quality tea experience.

So sit back , take a sip and reconnect some goodness nature can offer.

by Shipra – Founder




* Disclaimer : Products are not intended to diagnose treat , cure and prevent any disease. The information should not be a substitute for advice from a certified health care professional. Wishing you good health!

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