Dear readers, are you aware of mental detox? Due to various stresses in all our lives the mental peace gets disrupted making us prone to anxiety and various illness. Friends, I have explored these techniques in my personal life and I feel it will help you to maintain a mindful approach and respond with positivity.

You can explore and try few of them as one size does not fit for all.

  • Avoid naysayers in your life that is , the one who always says no to all your innovative ideas, dreams creativity etc.
  • Avoid gossipers, they will indulge in your anxiety more in due course.
  • Stop getting trapped in the digital world.
  • Minimize your time in facebook, Instagram.
  • Clean junk from your room once a week.
  • Start journalizing that is  write down what causes you pain and reflect that you avoid those circumstances later on.
  • Schedule some time in the day for only your self, your ME TIME.
  • Take a walk in the park, try some sports.
  • Do what you love be it knitting, stitching, cooking, sketching, cleaning, running etc.
  • Smell the roses, jasmine or the lemon grass ,mint. Close your eyes and inhale the gentle fragnance. How does it make it feel?

I hope you have a happy weekend around.




Dtd :17 Nov 2023

PS .Tell me your stories. Would love to hear from you all.

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