Good morning readers,

Today i feel i need to penn down terminology that we often hear . Not about tea but our LIFE.A question which aims to confound every mind……HORIZON OF LIFE .Last night i dreamt of Santiago….the song that always captivates me. Well freinds my comrades talk about moderation, minimalist , etc in our ways . How many of you believe and act as per it . Think .

School of life throws at us some predefined courses to improve our lives exponentially. But i feel in the log book of your life , you create and stretch the boundaries. Do not put a deceptive filter before your eyes . Learn , act , execute .Do not be afraid to fail. I failed so many times in life , but today as i look back i feel actually it was a spring board for me , bettering my own self.

Place the things where the things we love doing and things we are good to coincide. Don not  miss out: A GOOD READ, & A CUP OF YR FAV TEA .

Good day !!!!!!!!!!



29 JUNE 2024

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