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Today I will delve into a topic that is not well discussed among the tea lovers , though tea is the most consumed beverage in the world, transcends cultures, regions and traditions.  Each tea  variety will give a unique experience but originating from the same plant. A diverse range of flavours, aromas, health benefits, influenced by its terroir and processing methods.


Terroir encompasses various elements such as soil composition, climate,altitude,rainfall ,height.temperature etc . In common parlance tea grown at higher altitude exhibit complex flavours and pronounced aroma. The reason being the leaves have a slower growth rate due to low temperature and that intensifies the flavor compound in the tea leaves.But tea grown at lower altitude results just the opposite lighter flavour and aroma.



Referred as champagne of teas, grown in the Himalayan foothills. The regions high altitude , cool climate, frost , less rainfall produce delicate floral teas, with muscatel notes .First flush , second flush , autumn flush are the beauty of the seasons harvesting. Well if you like a lighter flavor, fruity  and a  lemon yellow bright liquor , tea I would say go for  a first flush . Generally tea connoissurs always prefer to have first flush as it has gained the position of CHAMPAGNE OF TEAS.

Second flush teas are very balanced and full bodied . If you like to have a dark amber colour liquid a bit bold then go for second flush. MUSCATEL FLAVOUR is mostly preferred among the customers.

Autumn flush tea has a complex blend with a distinctive taste with a bit of spicy edge. So this tea is always commands in the market due to its bold character.


Located in the Brahmaputra valley ,known for its rich , robust bold, malty flavoured tea , The regions low altitude, humid climate loamy soil contributes to the character of tea .My favourite cup for the early morning bed tea. Assam orthodox  or CTC tea  have a well command in the tea market . Strong bold flavour makes  a perfect cup of tea when blended with INDIAN spices. INDIA runs on masala chai , right from the road side vendor to the caffes.

KENYA :Major producer of black tea. The country s equatorial climate, ample rainfall , rich volcanic soil produces tea with a bright and  brisk flavour .

TAIWAN :Known for its exceptional oolong tea . The island mountain terrain, misty weather and rich soil attributes to produce tea with floral, fruity and creamy notes.

SRI LANKA :Famous for low altitude to high altitude areas where teas are lighter and more fragment.The varied climate and the soil contributes to wide range of flavourful teas.

So understanding the terroir helps to appreciate the diversity and complexity of tea. My dear tea enthusiast try to open up yourself to the world of flavours that makes each cup of tea unique. Try tea from different altitude . The information will always be provided in the labels specifically the height .

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